We are consultants to many Western Clients expanding their business interests in China. We help them to understand better, what is available in China, and how best to achieve their goals.

Our current key business areas are the Pharmaceutical and Beverage Industries. Our consultancy covers general business issues, technical considerations, design, manufacture, investment, and partnerships. This is accomplished by augmenting our expertise using our extensive network of specialist contacts within China, both expatriots and PRC nationals.

This is done by a simple stepped approach:

  •  First understand and agree with the client their goals
  •  Identify and evaluate options in China to satisfy the clients requirements 
  •  Report back to the client recommending possible ways forward 
  • Once agreed, assist the client in the execution of the project to achieve the goal

We are happy to consult with any business sector believing that our background in the Pharmaceutical and Beverage Industries and our ten plus years of operating experience in China combine to give us a complete understanding of how to help clients move forward with minimal risk.

Additionally we are engaged by many Chinese Companies to advise / enable them to expand or change their business focus to enable access to export markets outside China. Not surprisingly this is done using the same skill base that we have assembled to help our Western Clients.

If you need help contact us, without obligation.