Higham Consulting Ltd can supply Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment, manufactured to FDA and/or European Standards at very economic prices.

The machines are manufactured by a Chinese Company and Controls provided and installed by a Western Controls Company with over 30 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Market. Together a perfect fit.

Below are some pictures of an installation of a 120Kg process for the manufacture of Tablet Granule, installed for an American Client which has been inspected and aproved by FDA for manufacturing product for North America.

                                1   WET GRANULATION                                                           2    FBD

       3 INVERTER, MILL AND BIN LOADER                                        4  BIN BLENDER


Other sizes available are 60Kg and 250Kg batches and aditionally, Tablet Coating Equipment

Extra FBD bowls can be added to increase outputs considerably

Bulk Containers also provided by us.

For further information on these equipments or other pharmaceutical questions please contact John Higham through our contact section.